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Proudly Made in Canada!

Shipped WORLD WIDE with Retailers in the USA,  Europe, Australia and New Zealand

“Simply the BEST  all-around invasive plant pulling tool!”

Invasive plants?

See ya later…


Extractigator is a Registered Trademark of Exclusive Mechanical Systems Ltd Follow Extractigator on Instagram Follow Extractigator on Facebook Follow Extractigator on Twitter View Extractigator Youtube Channel

Currently we are not accepting UK orders due to Brexit issues, please contact our dealer in Europe.

Proudly Made in Canada!


(Seasonal demand may delay shipping)

Personalize your Extractigator with raised lettering!

“Always a pull above the rest.”

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Other Accessories…


Our never ending quality quest ….

We take your personalized message (up to 20 Characters) and Cut the letters out with our in-house CNC Plasma table.  Then we use the Tig welding process to permanently bond the cut out letters to your Extractigator handle.  The result is clean, professional and non-intrusive.  Great for various organizations from conservation to Parks Departments that lend out tools - or just for your own personal touch to the quality tool you purchase!

Note: Since this is a custom item, the process may delay shipping by 1 - 2 weeks depending on seasonal demand.


  16 Gauge Mild Steel raised lettering


  High visibility safety orange tough powder coated surface, completed with black paint over raised letters

Convenient features:

  Personalize your Extractigator!



Extractigator Baby Gator

T-Post Puller

Steel Stencil for Extractigator Handle Have your Name on the Extractigator handle

Extractigator BIG DADDY

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