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Proudly Made in Canada!

Shipped WORLD WIDE with Retailers in the USA,  Europe, Australia, New Zealand , and the UK

Invasive plants?

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Extractigator is a Registered Trademark of Exclusive Mechanical Systems Ltd Follow Extractigator on Instagram Follow Extractigator on Facebook Follow Extractigator on Twitter View Extractigator Youtube Channel
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Proudly Made in Canada!


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The Extractigator

T-Post Puller Accessory

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$59.99 CDN (+ S&H)

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This easy to install component instantly transforms the Extractigator Classic or Extractigator Junior into another useful tool around the property.  The rotational movement becomes a straight upward pull with the T-Post accessory combined with the BigFoot accessory.  MUST BE USED WITH THE BIGFOOT ACCESSORY.  DOES NOT FIT THE BIG DADDY MODEL.  Please see our PRODUCT CHART for compatibility options.  T-POSTS MUST BE RIBBED OR NUB TYPE AS IN PICTURE


  Width - 3 inches
   Length - 3.125 inches

   Overall Height - 4.375 inches
   Weight - 2.5 LBS


  Solid Steel, 7018 complete welds, 3/8" high tensile Grade 8 bolts with Nylock (self locking) nuts


  High visibility safety orange tough powder coated surface.

Convenient features:

  Automatic opening clog free jaws, lightweight, comfortable foam grip, durable components, ratcheting design



Extractigator T-Post Puller T Post puller logo


Very impressive tool. My problem is mulberry. I removed 2 and 1/2 truck loads stacked to the roof. Mulberry has a deep tap root. It pulled 90 percent of them. The others needed some help. This clean out was 10 years overdue. The t post puller is awesome. It’s made a hard job easy. I also highly recommend the big foot. We have sandy soil. It also makes moving it very easy. Turn it backwards and it acts like a sled. Definitely worth a spot in my tool shed. Great product. Dale Brames from Indiana 

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